class LuaFluidBox
valid :: boolean [R] Is this object valid?
operator [] [RW] Access, set or clear a fluid box.
operator # :: uint [R] Number of fluid boxes.

An array of fluid boxes. Entities may contain more than one fluid box, and some can change the number of fluid boxes -- for instance, an assembling machine will change its number of fluid boxes depending on its active recipe. A fluid box is represented as a table:

Do note that reading from a LuaFluidBox creates a new table and writing will copy the given fields from the table into the engine's own fluid box structure. Therefore, the correct way to update a fluidbox of an entity is to read it first, modify the table, then write the modified table back. Directly accessing the returned table's attributes won't have the desired effect.

Double the temperature of the fluid in entity's first fluid box.
fluid = entity.fluidbox[1]
fluid.temperature = fluid.temperature * 2
entity.fluidbox[1] = fluid
valid :: boolean [Read-only]

Is this object valid? This Lua object holds a reference to an object within the game engine. It is possible that the game-engine object is removed whilst a mod still holds the corresponding Lua object. If that happens, the object becomes invalid, i.e. this attribute will be false. Mods are advised to check for object validity if any change to the game state might have occurred between the creation of the Lua object and its access.

operator [] [Read-Write]

Access, set or clear a fluid box. The index must always be in bounds (see LuaFluidBox::operator #); new fluidboxes may not be added or removed using this operator. If the given fluid box doesn't contain any fluid, nil is returned. Similarly, nil can be written to a fluid box to remove all fluid from it.

operator # :: uint [Read-only]

Number of fluid boxes.