Factorio API


In general, the Factorio API consists of 3 phases:

For more information about how mods are loaded, initialized, and the different phases, see Data Lifecycle.

All of the scripting API functionality is implemented via class members. To make any use of the API, therefore, you need to have access to instances of these classes. To facilitate that, some are provided as global classes.

Global classes:

Other global objects:

The following data types are used across the API:


As described above, it is necessary to have access to instances of classes to use the scripting API. Using the provided global classes, instances of all other classes can be accessed.

This will print the first player's username, making use of LuaGameScript::get_player to gain access to players' information, and LuaPlayer::print to display a string in the player's game console.
local first_player = game.get_player(1)

You can browse the overview of Factorio classes or view the documentation for a particular class in the list below:

LuaAISettings Collection of settings for overriding default ai behavior.
LuaAccumulatorControlBehavior Control behavior for accumulators.
LuaAchievementPrototype Prototype of a achievement.
LuaAmmoCategoryPrototype Prototype of a ammo category.
LuaArithmeticCombinatorControlBehavior Control behavior for arithmetic combinators.
LuaAutoplaceControlPrototype Prototype of an autoplace control.
LuaBootstrap Entry point for registering event handlers.
LuaBurner A reference to the burner energy source owned by a specific LuaEntity or LuaEquipment.
LuaBurnerPrototype Prototype of a burner energy source.
LuaChunkIterator A chunk iterator can be used for iterating chunks coordinates of a surface.
LuaCircuitNetwork A circuit network associated with a given entity, connector, and wire type.
LuaCommandProcessor Custom game console commands.
LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior Control behavior for constant combinators.
LuaContainerControlBehavior Control behavior for container entities.
LuaControl This is an abstract base class containing the common functionality between LuaPlayer and entities (see LuaEntity).
LuaControlBehavior The control behavior for an entity.
LuaCustomChartTag A custom tag that shows on the map view.
LuaCustomInputPrototype Prototype of a custom input.
LuaCustomTable Lazily evaluated table.
LuaDamagePrototype Prototype of a damage.
LuaDeciderCombinatorControlBehavior Control behavior for decider combinators.
LuaDecorativePrototype Prototype of an optimized decorative.
LuaElectricEnergySourcePrototype Prototype of an electric energy source.
LuaEntity The primary interface for interacting with entities through the Lua API.
LuaEntityPrototype Prototype of an entity.
LuaEquipment An item in a LuaEquipmentGrid, for example one's power armor.
LuaEquipmentCategoryPrototype Prototype of a equipment category.
LuaEquipmentGrid An equipment grid is for example the inside of a power armor.
LuaEquipmentGridPrototype Prototype of an equipment grid.
LuaEquipmentPrototype Prototype of a modular equipment.
LuaFlowStatistics Encapsulates statistic data for different parts of the game.
LuaFluidBox An array of fluid boxes of an entity.
LuaFluidBoxPrototype A prototype of a fluidbox owned by some LuaEntityPrototype.
LuaFluidPrototype Prototype of a fluid.
LuaForce LuaForce encapsulates data local to each "force" or "faction" of the game.
LuaFuelCategoryPrototype Prototype of a fuel category.
LuaGameScript Main toplevel type, provides access to most of the API though its members.
LuaGenericOnOffControlBehavior An abstract base class for behaviors that support switching the entity on or off based on some condition.
LuaGroup Item group or subgroup.
LuaGui The root of the GUI.
LuaGuiElement An element of the custom GUI.
LuaInserterControlBehavior Control behavior for inserters.
LuaInventory A storage of item stacks.
LuaItemPrototype Prototype of an item.
LuaItemStack A reference to an item and count owned by some external entity.
LuaLampControlBehavior Control behavior for lamps.
LuaLazyLoadedValue A lazily loaded value.
LuaLogisticCell Logistic cell of a particular LuaEntity.
LuaLogisticContainerControlBehavior Control behavior for logistic chests.
LuaLogisticNetwork A single logistic network of a given force on a given surface.
LuaLogisticPoint Logistic point of a particular LuaEntity.
LuaMiningDrillControlBehavior Control behavior for mining drills.
LuaModSettingPrototype Prototype of a mod setting.
LuaModuleCategoryPrototype Prototype of a module category.
LuaNamedNoiseExpression Prototype of a named noise expression.
LuaNoiseLayerPrototype Prototype of a noise layer.
LuaPermissionGroup A permission group that defines what players in this group are allowed to do.
LuaPermissionGroups All permission groups.
LuaPlayer A player in the game.
LuaProfiler An object used to measure script performance.
LuaProgrammableSpeakerControlBehavior Control behavior for programmable speakers.
LuaRCON An interface to send messages to the calling RCON interface.
LuaRailChainSignalControlBehavior Control behavior for rail chain signals.
LuaRailPath A rail path.
LuaRailSignalControlBehavior Control behavior for rail signals.
LuaRandomGenerator A deterministic random generator independent from the core games random generator that can be seeded and re-seeded at will.
LuaRecipe A crafting recipe.
LuaRecipeCategoryPrototype Prototype of a recipe category.
LuaRecipePrototype A crafting recipe prototype.
LuaRemote Registry of interfaces between scripts.
LuaRendering Allows rendering of geometric shapes, text and sprites in the game world.
LuaResourceCategoryPrototype Prototype of a resource category.
LuaRoboportControlBehavior Control behavior for roboports.
LuaSettings Runtime settings can be changed through console commands and by the mod that owns the settings.
LuaShortcutPrototype Prototype of a shortcut.
LuaStorageTankControlBehavior Control behavior for storage tanks.
LuaStyle Style of a GUI element.
LuaSurface A "domain" of the world.
LuaTechnology One research item.
LuaTechnologyPrototype A Technology prototype.
LuaTile A single "square" on the map.
LuaTilePrototype Prototype of a tile.
LuaTrain A train.
LuaTrainStopControlBehavior Control behavior for train stops.
LuaTransportBeltControlBehavior Control behavior for transport belts.
LuaTransportLine One line on a transport belt.
LuaTrivialSmokePrototype Prototype of a trivial smoke.
LuaUnitGroup A collection of units moving and attacking together.
LuaVirtualSignalPrototype Prototype of a virtual signal.
LuaWallControlBehavior Control behavior for walls.


Events are delivered to mods in response to certain actions happening in the game. A mod can register a callback for a given event, using the LuaBootstrap::on_event function. Events receive a parameter that is a table containing fields name and tick specifying the event ID (see defines.events) and the tick the event happened. This table may also contain additional fields that depend on the event name.

script.on_event(defines.events.on_entity_died, function(event)
  local recently_deceased_entity = event.entity
  local time_of_death = event.tick

  game.print("Let it be known that " .. recently_deceased_entity.name ..
               " died a tragic death on tick " .. time_of_death)

Here is a complete list of Factorio events:

All events Every event contains at least the name and tick attributes.
on_ai_command_completed Called when a unit/group completes a command.
on_area_cloned Called when an area of the map is cloned.
on_biter_base_built Called when a biter migration builds a base.
on_built_entity Called when player builds something.
on_cancelled_deconstruction Called when the deconstruction of an entity is canceled.
on_cancelled_upgrade Called when the upgrade of an entity is canceled.
on_character_corpse_expired Called when a character corpse expires due to timeout or all of the items being removed from it.
on_chart_tag_added Called when a chart tag is created.
on_chart_tag_modified Called when a chart tag is modified by a player.
on_chart_tag_removed Called just before a chart tag is deleted.
on_chunk_charted Called when a chunk is charted or re-charted.
on_chunk_deleted Called when one or more chunks are deleted using LuaSurface::delete_chunk.
on_chunk_generated Called when a chunk is generated.
on_combat_robot_expired Called when a combat robot expires through a lack of energy, or timeout.
on_console_chat Called when someone talks in-game either a player or through the server interface.
on_console_command Called when someone enters a command-like message regardless of it being a valid command.
on_cutscene_waypoint_reached Called when a cutscene is playing, each time it reaches a waypoint in that cutscene.
on_difficulty_settings_changed Called when the map difficulty settings are changed.
on_entity_cloned Called when an entity is cloned.
on_entity_damaged Called when an entity is damaged.
on_entity_died Called when an entity dies.
on_entity_renamed Called after an entity has been renamed either by the player or through script.
on_entity_settings_pasted Called after entity copy-paste is done.
on_entity_spawned Called when an entity is spawned by a EnemySpawner
on_force_cease_fire_changed Called when the a forces cease fire values change.
on_force_created Called when a new force is created using game.create_force()
on_force_friends_changed Called when the a forces friends change.
on_forces_merged Called after two forces have been merged using game.merge_forces().
on_forces_merging Called when two forces are about to be merged using game.merge_forces().
on_game_created_from_scenario Called when a game is created from a scenario.
on_gui_checked_state_changed Called when LuaGuiElement checked state is changed (related to checkboxes and radio buttons).
on_gui_click Called when LuaGuiElement is clicked.
on_gui_closed Called when the player closes the GUI they have open.
on_gui_confirmed Called when a LuaGuiElement is confirmed, for example by pressing Enter in a textfield.
on_gui_elem_changed Called when LuaGuiElement element value is changed (related to choose element buttons).
on_gui_location_changed Called when LuaGuiElement element location is changed (related to frames in player.gui.screen).
on_gui_opened Called when the player opens a GUI.
on_gui_selected_tab_changed Called when LuaGuiElement selected tab is changed (related to tabbed-panes).
on_gui_selection_state_changed Called when LuaGuiElement selection state is changed (related to drop-downs and listboxes).
on_gui_switch_state_changed Called when LuaGuiElement switch state is changed (related to switches).
on_gui_text_changed Called when LuaGuiElement text is changed by the player.
on_gui_value_changed Called when LuaGuiElement slider value is changed (related to the slider element).
on_land_mine_armed Called when a land mine is armed.
on_lua_shortcut Called when a custom Lua shortcut is pressed.
on_marked_for_deconstruction Called when an entity is marked for deconstruction with the Deconstruction planner or via script.
on_marked_for_upgrade Called when an entity is marked for upgrade with the Upgrade planner or via script.
on_market_item_purchased Called after a player purchases some offer from a Market entity.
on_mod_item_opened Called when the player uses the 'Open item GUI' control on an item defined with 'can_be_mod_opened' as true
on_picked_up_item Called when a player picks up an item.
on_player_alt_selected_area Called after a player alt-selects an area with a selection-tool item.
on_player_ammo_inventory_changed Called after a players ammo inventory changed in some way.
on_player_armor_inventory_changed Called after a players armor inventory changed in some way.
on_player_banned Called when a player is banned.
on_player_built_tile Called after a player builds tiles.
on_player_cancelled_crafting Called when a player cancels crafting.
on_player_changed_force Called after a player changes forces.
on_player_changed_position Called when the tile position a player is located at changes.
on_player_changed_surface Called after a player changes surfaces.
on_player_cheat_mode_disabled Called when cheat mode is disabled on a player.
on_player_cheat_mode_enabled Called when cheat mode is enabled on a player.
on_player_configured_blueprint Called when a player clicks the "confirm" button in the configure Blueprint GUI.
on_player_crafted_item Called when the player crafts an item (just before inserting into player's inventory, not clicking the button to craft).
on_player_created Called after the player was created.
on_player_cursor_stack_changed Called after a players cursorstack changed in some way.
on_player_deconstructed_area Called when a player selects an area with a deconstruction planner.
on_player_demoted Called when a player is demoted.
on_player_died Called after a player dies.
on_player_display_resolution_changed Called when the display resolution changes for a given player.
on_player_display_scale_changed Called when the display scale changes for a given player.
on_player_driving_changed_state Called when the player's driving state has changed, this means a player has either entered or left a vehicle.
on_player_dropped_item Called when a player drops an item on the ground.
on_player_fast_transferred Called when a player fast-transfers something to or from an entity.
on_player_gun_inventory_changed Called after a players gun inventory changed in some way.
on_player_joined_game Called after a player joins the game.
on_player_kicked Called when a player is kicked.
on_player_left_game Called after a player leaves the game.
on_player_main_inventory_changed Called after a players main inventory changed in some way.
on_player_mined_entity Called after the results of an entity being mined are collected just before the entity is destroyed.
on_player_mined_item Called when the player mines something.
on_player_mined_tile Called after a player mines tiles.
on_player_muted Called when a player is muted.
on_player_pipette Called when a player invokes the "smart pipette" over an entity.
on_player_placed_equipment Called after the player puts equipment in an equipment grid
on_player_promoted Called when a player is promoted.
on_player_removed Called when a player is removed (deleted) from the game.
on_player_removed_equipment Called after the player removes equipment from an equipment grid
on_player_repaired_entity Called when a player repairs an entity.
on_player_respawned Called after a player respawns.
on_player_rotated_entity Called when the player rotates an entity.
on_player_selected_area Called after a player selects an area with a selection-tool item.
on_player_setup_blueprint Called when a player selects an area with a blueprint.
on_player_toggled_alt_mode Called when a player toggles alt mode, also known as "show entity info".
on_player_toggled_map_editor Called when a player toggles the map editor on or off.
on_player_trash_inventory_changed Called after a players trash inventory changed in some way.
on_player_unbanned Called when a player is un-banned.
on_player_unmuted Called when a player is unmuted.
on_player_used_capsule Called when a player uses a capsule that results in some game action.
on_post_entity_died Called after an entity dies.
on_pre_chunk_deleted Called before one or more chunks are deleted using LuaSurface::delete_chunk.
on_pre_entity_settings_pasted Called before entity copy-paste is done.
on_pre_ghost_deconstructed Called before a ghost entity is destroyed as a result of being marked for deconstruction.
on_pre_player_crafted_item Called when a player queues something to be crafted.
on_pre_player_died Called before a players dies.
on_pre_player_left_game Called before a player leaves the game.
on_pre_player_mined_item Called when the player finishes mining an entity, before the entity is removed from map.
on_pre_player_removed Called before a player is removed (deleted) from the game.
on_pre_robot_exploded_cliff Called directly before a robot explodes cliffs.
on_pre_surface_cleared Called just before a surface is cleared (all entities removed and all chunks deleted).
on_pre_surface_deleted Called just before a surface is deleted.
on_put_item Called when players uses an item to build something.
on_research_finished Called when a research finishes.
on_research_started Called when a technology research starts.
on_resource_depleted Called when a resource entity reaches 0 or its minimum yield for infinite resources.
on_robot_built_entity Called when a construction robot builds an entity.
on_robot_built_tile Called after a robot builds tiles.
on_robot_exploded_cliff Called directly after a robot explodes cliffs.
on_robot_mined Called when a robot mines an entity.
on_robot_mined_entity Called after the results of an entity being mined are collected just before the entity is destroyed.
on_robot_mined_tile Called after a robot mines tiles.
on_robot_pre_mined Called before a robot mines an entity.
on_rocket_launch_ordered Called when a rocket silo is ordered to be launched.
on_rocket_launched Called when the rocket is launched.
on_runtime_mod_setting_changed Called when a runtime mod setting is changed by a player.
on_script_path_request_finished Called when a script path request completes.
on_sector_scanned Called when the radar finishes scanning a sector.
on_selected_entity_changed Called after the selected entity changes for a given player.
on_string_translated Called when a translation request generated through LuaPlayer::request_translation is translated.
on_surface_cleared Called just after a surface is cleared (all entities removed and all chunks deleted).
on_surface_created Called when a surface is created.
on_surface_deleted Called after a surface is deleted.
on_surface_imported Called after a surface is imported.
on_surface_renamed Called when a surface is renamed.
on_technology_effects_reset Called when LuaForce::reset_technology_effects is finished.
on_tick It is fired once every tick.
on_train_changed_state Called when a train changes state (started to stopped and vice versa)
on_train_created Called when a new train is created either through disconnecting/connecting an existing one or building a new one.
on_train_schedule_changed Called when a trains schedule is changed either by the player or through script.
on_trigger_created_entity Called when an entity with a trigger prototype (such as capsules) create an entity AND that trigger prototype defined trigger_created_entity="true".
on_trigger_fired_artillery Called when an entity with a trigger prototype (such as capsules) fire an artillery projectile AND that trigger prototype defined trigger_fired_artillery="true".
on_unit_added_to_group Called when a unit is added to a unit group.
on_unit_group_created Called when a new unit group is created, before any members are added to it.
on_unit_removed_from_group Called when a unit is removed from a unit group.
script_raised_built A static event mods can use to tell other mods they built something with a script.
script_raised_destroy A static event mods can use to tell other mods they destroyed something with a script.
script_raised_revive A static event mods can use to tell other mods they revived something with a script.